Workshops, Classes, Speaking and Teaching Engagements for 2016-2017


U.S.A Story Art Workshop 

Instructors: Karen Alsop (with Laurie Rubin)

Location: San Diego, CA

When: May 24-25, 2016

Theme: Creating surreal art with your photography

Learn More: Workshop Link

Call Of The Wild

Instructors: Laurie Rubin with Tony Corbell and Rob Hull

Location: Glen Rose, Texas

When: October 13-16, 2016

Theme: Wildlife Safari private photography workshop

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Drone Photography

Instructors: Laurie Rubin

Sponsored by: Tony Corbell Workshops and Arlington Camera

Location: Plano, Texas

When: October 12, 2016 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Theme: 1/2 day seminar dedicated to Drones and Drone Photography

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Nelson Photo: Intro To Wildlife Photography

Instructor: Laurie Rubin

Location: San Diego, California

When: TBD

Theme: Basics of photographing animals in the wild

Learn More: Class Link

Nelson Photo: Taking Your Best Shot At The Zoo

Instructor: Laurie Rubin

Location: San Diego, California

When: TBD

Theme: Overcoming challenges when photographing at the zoo

Learn More: TBD

Speaking Events

SDPUG (San Diego Photoshop User Group): Drone Photography

Instructors: Randy Jay Braun, Colin Smith, Aldryn Estacio, Laurie Rubin

Location: Art Institute of California, San Diego

When: April 2, 2016 1pm-4pm

Theme: Drones (FAA Rep, DJI Director of Product Experience Randy Jay Braun and I will be talking about FAA Regulations for safer flying, DJI Drones and Drone Photography)

Learn More: Speaking Link

ATX (Adobe Technology XChange): Wildlife Photography

Instructor: Laurie Rubin

Location: Lakewood, California

When: April 16, 2016 9am-Noon

Theme: Wildlife Photography

Learn More: Speaking Link

San Diego Fair 2016: Photography Exhibit - Judging

Location: San Diego, California

When: June 8, 2016 7pm - Judges' Roundtable

When: June 15, 2016 7pm - Judges' Critique

Learn More: Photo Workshops Link

Dallas PPA: The Art of Wildlife and Drone Photography

Guest Speaker: Laurie Rubin

Location: Richardson, Texas

When: Oct. 11 2016,  6:00pm - 10:00pm

Theme: Discover tips on improving your wildlife images and drone photography

Learn More: Speaking Link

One-on-One Instruction

The Arcanum Master

Instructor: Laurie Rubin

Location: Online

Theme: Wildlife and Nature Photography

Learn More: Link

Private Instruction

Instructor: Laurie Rubin

Location: TBD

Theme: TBD

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